My redeemer- Dr. Mini John

My dearest teacher Ms.Mini, is the ‘Hariettan’ of my life. I am a final year literature student at Alphonsa College, Pala. There were times in the past few years where the unexpected turn of events at college was in the verge of bringing me havoc. It was my dear teacher who pulled me out of that dirty pit, identified a tiny phoenix in me and believed in the chance sprouting of my fragile wings even amidst that consuming fire. She gave strength to my dreams and encouraged me with words so generous that I started striving to become worthy of it. It was my teacher who taught me how to consider myself worthy and unique even when the circumstances appeared otherwise. A humbling line of all my inter-collegiate and intra-collegiate prizes should be ,hence, saved up in her credit. Ms. Mini is without doubt my strongest inspiration and pillar of support. This extraordinary HOD of ours is a redeemer for a huge lot of students among which bunch, I am just a lucky one…!!!

Author: Alka Maria Simon

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